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A Line Of Shorts

RRP $17.99

A Line of Shorts, is a collection of heartwarming stories for readers of all ages. This buffet of tales spans the years from the time of the Civil War to the present ranging from fact to fantasy with characters dealing with relationships both good and bad. * a dying boys last wish... * a traumatized girl finds her voice * a young Civil War soldier heads to war * a woman learns of her past in an unusual encounter * including award-winning story, "A Fair-E-Tale"

Shorts Of Fiction

RRP $17.99

They're wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, friends, and so much more. Through these five short stories, female characters are celebrated as heroes, victims and antagonists. From a department store worker who longs for a new pair of shoes to a mother battling cancer and a teenager coming to terms with life after her mother's death, this collection has it all.


RRP $16.99

Twelve stories in a variety of genres with a dash of darkness and a bit of humor mixed with some peculiar individuals.

Mind Reflections - When Toby encounters strange creatures at the library, it makes him fear for his life.

Witch's Eye - When George decides to cheer up his witch of a girlfriend, she ends up being more than a witch.

An Innocent Man - When Daniel is arrested, proving his innocence ends up being the least of his problems.

One Hell of a Vacation - When a Demon takes a vacation on Pensacola Beach, he's astonished to learn that a beautiful woman would give him the time of day.

Helping Hand - When gambling doesn't earn a stranger enough to save his brother, the sheriff chooses to compromise the law to help in this Sci-Fi Western.

Diamonds in the Rough - When Dex becomes stranded on the Jupiter moon, Ganymede, he races against time for his survival.

Peeping Tom - When Zoey is getting ready for the day, the man watching every move she makes wonders if today is the day he uses his rifle.

Honest Xavier - When Willy Booth brings a gun to school, Xavier Lincoln has to decide between honesty or safety.

Killer Appetite - When a cop visits with unsettling news, Margo has to keep her homicidal tendencies in check.

Crash - When an alien crashes on Earth, he questions the intelligence of the life-forms that he encounters.

Haunted - When a disbelieving ghost buster investigates a haunting, he is surprised to find an actual ghost.

Soul Harvest - When the Grim Reaper creeps through a hospital, a security guard, armed with only a baton, battles Death.


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